Dressing Your Hotel and Resort Staff for Success

Your Staff Uniforms Are an Important Part of Your Brand

Branding is made up of the most minor details. The brand manuals we prepare for clients include tiny details: which font employees should use in emails and what colour flowers should be displayed in reception. A brand is made up of hundreds of tiny impressions that present a cohesive whole to clients and potential customers.

What your employees wear is a large part of your overall corporate identity. Many types of companies have a dress code; at most hotels and resorts, there is a uniform to be adhered to as well.

Larger chain hotels have well-established practices, but even if you are the owner or manager of a single hotel or a small group, you can still use professional advice to make sure that your staff truly are “dressing for success.”

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Determine Your Style

You’re aware of the style of your business. There’s a world of difference between a hotel by the ocean that specialises in fun vacations for young families and one in Chicago that operates specifically for business people, corporate events and conferences.

Your staff uniform style will naturally correspond. For a beach hotel in the Bahamas a relaxed uniform using bright colours will be appropriate. The opposite is true of a corporate hotel in an industrial city where sombre, smart and business-like clothing will be required.

When a guest enters your premises for the first time, you, via your staff, will give them the overall—and lasting—impression of your establishment.

As you can see from the image above, for this client we designed a logo and uniforms that were formal and tidy without being stuffy, overly formal or unapproachable.
Create Your Colour Palette

Your colour palette may be right in front of you—in your logo.

Here you see a logo we created for one of our hospitality industry clients, a chain of gourmet pizza restaurants. As you can see, the black and white are perfectly set off by the dusty brick colour and the fabulous olive shade.

Your designer will be able to provide you with the RGB colour codes (you can see that I’ve added them in the image above). By basing your uniform colours on your logo, you are remaining faithful to your brand and giving your customers and guests a sense of cohesion and continuity.
An Example

See how the colours have been translated into the sommelier’s uniform. The brick red has been used for a major colour and the spicy green for the tie. Such a scheme can also be used for other more formal staff such as the concierge, receptionists and management.

In formal hotels, this look can also be used for bartenders, valet-parkers, porters and other staff. This look translates well for both sexes.

For less formal hotels, t-shirts could provide a less expensive option.

Hotels – Wisconsin Spa Resorts Hotels – Top Luxury Hotels

Just call it the world’s largest backyard. Ah, yes….. beautiful Wisconsin with its ample adventures. Chicago residents routinely visit their neighbors to the north on weekends or for day trips during the week. The natural wonders of Wisconsin and its many natural lakes and vistas offer Chicagoland residents one of those great side roads of life where, within an hour, the honking of geese replace the honking of horns and mother nature’s canvas is painted with breathtaking terrain. With a population in excess of 10 million residents and the third highest population in the country, the residents of Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding area represent a true target market for resort spas in Wisconsin for those who prefer pampering to roughing it. In this article we will focus on Central and Southern Wisconsin with the farthest Resort Spa being Green Lake which is a 3 hour and 25 minute drive from Chicago.

These four resorts are not meant to diminish other resort spas throughout Wisconsin, such as Door County or the Hayward, Wisconsin area rather we are concentrating on those special places which offer a convenient drive from the Chicagoland area. Journey with us as we explore some of the best resort spas that Central and Southern Wisconsin has to offer. Most of all, enjoy the serenity of these meticulously maintained majestic sites of solitude – offering you and your family fun, recreational activities including boating, golf, tennis, water and snow skiing amid the backdrop of beautiful surroundings. Great attention to detail and relaxation await!
Map Chicago to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Yellow Map Chicago to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Yellow Map Chicago to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin | Source
Wisconsin Resorts

Wisconsin resorts have something to offer everyone. Some resorts are self-contained communities unto themselves. Some resorts are small and exclusive. Some resorts are built around one main recreational activity and some resorts simply offer everything imaginable. Some resorts offer either trolley services or other means of transportation to nearby shopping. Some resorts, have hotels next to the shopping district. Whatever your pleasure, the Wisconsin resorts have something great to offer. Navigating your way through this vast woods of recreational delights can be confusing – but not if you do your homework. Some “lakes” are simply for viewing, some lakes are full fledged recreational facilities. Some resorts even offer their very own yacht for private or public excursions. Journey with us as we share the many different amenities and recreational facilities available at five of the best Wisconsin Resort Spas. The only common denominators among these five resort/hotel facilities are: 1.) Resorts with multiple activities 2.) Location – central and southern Wisconsin and 3.) with Spa services.
Community/Resort Events

Even more complex and awe inspiring are the many events that resorts and the communities that are near or where the resort resides may offer. From festivals to fireworks to boat shows to championship golf tournament, the events are almost endless. Ask about the events and which are the best and you will have the destination vacation of your lifetime, right in Wisconsin, USA.
Travel Tips

Book early not just to save money but to also guarantee a room.
Resorts will sell out on a frequent basis.
Learn the names of hotel concierges and front desk attendants.
Do book your reservations and events through the concierge – the assistance and knowledge of the area will be time and money well spent.
Each resort is different with different recreational facilities and a different focus.
Plan your activities ahead of arrival. Horseback riding, golf, tennis lessons, airplane rides, boat rental all fill up very quickly. Be prepared and book early upon your arrival.
If you or a traveling companion are not in favor of extensive walking or stairs, please be aware, stairs and walking (long indoor corridors) often are commonplace in Wisconsin resorts. Keep in mind, resorts were built for the landscape not for aging knees and hips. Be a savvy traveler, plan ahead.
Before booking, know the area events – check online, speak with the concierge – this is critical.
Before booking know the general scope of activities within the hotel. The events and conferences are private but you can ask what “type” of conference or “industry” – fitness, business, trade shows, wine festivals, etc… Specifically ask about the relative size of the conferences booked. Booking on a weekend with the largest conference of the year may not be your idea of a vacation if you are seeking R & R.

All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts In Corfu, Cheap Family Hotel, Honeymoons, Vacation Packages, What to Do In Corfu.

All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts In Corfu, Cheap Family Hotel, Honeymoons, Vacations & Vacation Packages.

Corfu is a beautiful Greek island off of the coast of Greece and only a quick boat ride away from Italy. Corfu all inclusive vacation packages offer amazing deals for couples, families and is well known for stag party or hen party weekends or weeks. Corfu has two sides to a fantastic vacation.

Party Island Corfu

The electrifying night life in Corfu only stops when you can take no more. Masses of bars and clubs open from early in the daytime till breakfast time the next day.

Party goers have a huge choice of venues blaring out the latest tunes to entice you into their establishment. From rock and pop, to dance, new wave, reggae, hip hop, and even Country and Western. Whatever type of music gets your feet thumping, Corfu has it.

Relaxing Island Corfu

Far from the maddening crowd, all inclusive hotels offer excellent packages for families and honeymoon couples. Totally gorgeous beaches to relax on and crystal clear waters to dip your weary feet into. Corfu is a tropical paradise with above average temperatures to ensure a suntan before you return home. Cheap family holidays in Corfu permit a relaxing atmosphere in hotels which provide child care services around the clock. Kids clubs entice youngsters to learn about local wildlife and enjoy some of the awesome facilities to entertain the kids all day long.
Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
What Is There To Do In Corfu?

The Sea

Corfu is set in the warm Ionian Sea which provides ample opportunity for extreme water sports. Jet skiing is popular with many tourists as they strut their stuff on the ocean waves to the delight of the onlooking crowds. Being an island, Corfu relies on tourism from around the world and ensures that there is much for people on vacation to do.

Water Skiing is an excellent pastime and lessons are easily available from around the coast. This little surfers paradise island will not leave the adrenalin junkie disappointed. Wave after wave entices surfers from around the globe to descend to Corfu hotels in order to have a cheap Surfing vacation. Kite Surfing and Wind Surfing is also done on some of the worlds sandiest beaches in Corfu.

Scuba Divingis an excellent sport to undertake. A surreal world awaits the adventurer in the clear waters around Corfu. Swim with the tropical fish and avoid the sharks, unless you deliberately go Swimming With The Sharks. In a protected environment, swim with the sharks whilst the organiser feeds them, keep your arms in and don’t try to kiss one.

Hire a boat for the day and become a skipper. Take the family on a small personal cruise with a professional skipper with all drinks and food included. Discover isolated alcoves and snorkel with the fish just before a barbecue on the beach. Play at pirates and make dad walk the plank. Boat Hire is an exceptionally fantastic chance to provide a perfect family atmosphere in tropical surroundings.

If the sea is not your kettle of fish, then the land provides every opportunity for a full vacation spirit which will make you want to stay forever. Most of the trips or excursions can be undertaken and paid for from the reception areas on all inclusive resorts and hotels in Corfu.

Land Trips

Corfu has excellent sandy Beaches and a day by the sea for families is an excellent trip which will be enjoyed by all. Bury the mother-in-law in the sand up to her neck and if desired, leave her there for a while and go off and enjoy yourself. Explore the local wildlife such as Giant Sea Turtles through local organisations who take you on a nature tour.

If Golf is your game, Corfu has some excellent 18 hole courses to test professional and leaner players. Please note that Corfu golf courses are classed as some of the best in the world.

Water Parks are always fun, and the Corfu water parks with hair raising splash rides with enthral the kids all day long.

All inclusive resorts have many vacation deals for tickets to water parks to help reduce costs for holiday makers. Height restrictions will apply but at least the ques are quite small even at the height of the season.

Eating is essential to Greeks. Greek people pride themselves on outstanding cusine at cheaper than average prices. Thousands of restaurants with different aromas tantalise the taste buds and make people salivate as they walk past. Food from around the wolrd ensures you are never far from your own style of food in case the local cuisine does not suit your individual taste.

Walking or Trekking trips allows a person to absorb the beauty of this gorgeous island. Campingon some of the most fantastic camp sites of the world is an experience never to be missed. Along with Theme parks, miniature golf, shopping, quad bike rides, horse riding, swimming with dolphins and much more, Corfu is waiting for you.

All Inclusive Hotels Corfu

All inclusive hotels in Corfu have some small print in their brochures which should be read. All inclusive does sometimes not mean that at all. Occasionally, in the small print, there are charges for normal day to day requirements.

Some hotels offer cheap all inclusive vacation packages which do not include drinks and only two meals. Please ask for brochures and prior to booking, ensure of all the Hidden Charges which are applicable.

The three star Coral Hotel is a cheap hotels compared to many. Do not expect luxurious standards from a three star hotel. It is clean and excellent for families on a budget.

Overlooking the sea and on a beach, this hotel has the obligatory swimming pool, one restaurant where food is usually served buffet style. A deposit is required for beach towels and trips can be booked through the reception.

The illustrious SENTIDO Aeolos Beach Resort is a four star resort which caters for families and honeymooners as well as the odd stag party. This hotel boasts friendly staff, two swimming pools, child care services, and floral gardens.

Situated on a high elevation 50 meters from its own private beach, and only twenty minutes drive to the centre of Corfu Town.

The fantastic Aquis Sandy Beach Resort is a four star hotel and boasts tennis courts open and indoor theatres, swimming pool, and Wi-Fi access.

All rooms come with TV, air conditioning, DVD player, safe and mini fridge. This is the largest all inclusive resort on Corfu with the most facilities to ensure a relaxing vacation.

Las Vegas Nv Hotels

If your lookin for Las Vegas Nv Hotels you made it to the right article. I have been on plenty of trips to las vegas and have stayed in plenty of Las Vegas Nv Hotels. I will list all the hotels i have visited in this 20 part article series, and than you make an educated decsion on what hotel to visit.

First on my list of las vegas nv hotels is the Luxor. The Luxor brings egyptian mystery to the modern world. The pyramid shaped resort is unlike any ot the other las vegas nv hotels. This fine Egyptian themed hotel offers everything that you expect from a great las vegas resort. The luxor is located at the south end of the strp and is within walking distance of fine dinging, shopping, and much more. To get to your room you have to ride a inclinator at a 40 degree angle becauese the resort is shaped like a pyramid. The ride awesom, once you get to your rook, you will notice that all rooms feature every amenity you would expect from a great hotel. Rooms come with either 1 king or 2 queen beds, oversized shower, and a 27 inch tv. Want to try your luck at the casino? The luxor features the largest casion in vegas, it is over 120,000 square feet in size. You will find your blackjack, craps, and roulette tables just like any other casino would feature. If you like slots or video pokee, you will alsin find it here too. The luxor hotel gift shop carries gifts, sovenirs, snacks, and other items for your quick convience. It also features the Giza Galleria, for world class shopping anytime you feel like spending some dough. I give this Las Vegas Nv Hotel a 8 out of 10 stars

The Enchanting Spas

Are you looking for a place where you can relax and pamper yourself? Do you want to unwind yourself in surroundings that have serene settings? Do you want to indulge in a day, or even a week, of bliss and calmness and enjoy natural therapies that will invigorate, relax, and purify both mind and body? Best spa hotels provided by online tour operators feature top-rate facilities. They provide you with an array of nourishing treatments, healthy activities, and even nutritious gourmet meals to ensure that you have an amazing and relaxing experience that is unforgettable for a long time o come. One example of the luxury resort spa is ‘Enchantment Resort’ and ‘Mii Amo Spa’ situated at Sedona, AZ, United States. This desert oasis retreat embodies tranquility and beauty. It has adobe casita-style accommodations set in the heart of the majestic Red Rock Country. The serene atmosphere here clears your body and mind, and makes you feel one with nature.

Another destination to enjoy and pamper you with spas and resorts is Bermuda. It is a place for relaxation. Here, vacation escapism is perfectly complimented by a massage or spa treatment to pamper you. These spas and hotels in Bermuda are great options for the traveler and holiday seekers who need a little more rest and relaxation during their trip. These spas and resorts provide an ultimate relaxation after a hectic day of shopping, touring, or meetings. These Bermuda hotels provide the best spa hotels in the area and provide the most enduring treatments, services, amenities and facilities.

Ramada Lake Spa Resort is just 45 minutes away from Kochi. It is a veritable altar of enchantment beside the Kumbalam Lake in Kerala. It is promoted by Synthite Group, a global leader in natural extracts and product solutions. Synthite ventured into the hospitality industry with Riviera Suites. Ramada Lake Resort Spa is the second undertaking of Synthite Group to promote tourism in Kerala. The Ayurvedic courtyard in the lake facing spa provides authentic traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

If money is not a constraint, visit the Texas Hill Country and experience for yourself why Lake Austin Lake Spa Resort is the best destination spa in North America. It was rated number one by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler in 2008 and also named one of the top ten spas in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. The 2009 Zagat Survey declared the resort as the top destination spa resort in the United States. American Airlines’ Celebrated Living magazines have recognized the resort as one of the best spa resort in the country and in the world. In this spa resort, you can relieve your stress and pamper yourself to restore your well-being at the world-class LakeHouse Spa. This is one of the best spa hotels and is wrapped in the warmth and casual elegance of a best friend’s lake house. Whether you visit this spa to stay for the night or want to relax for a day, it provides you with an escape to peaceful lakeside resort.

Resort Accommodation In Australia

At RDP Resorts and Hotels, their mission is simple, to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations through exceptional hospitality management services and quality hotel and resort products. It is our commitment to our customers that allows us to deliver the consistent, proven results our ownership groups expect.

It is this philosophy that has seen RDP Resorts go from strength to strength over the last 20 years. With modest beginnings in Caloundra on the Sunshine coast in Queensland RDP Resorts has grown into one of the most respected providers of quality Resort accommodation in Australia.

From building new upscale, full-service hotels to reinvigorating existing ones, RDP Resorts are proud to be one of the most successful managers and developers of hotels in Australia.

RDP Resorts are proud to be one of the most successful, full-service, independent hotel management companies in the nation. For more than 20 years, RDP’s goal of providing consistently superior performance and proven results has allowed us to stay the course guided by our commitment to our mission statement.

“By offering exceptional services, quality products and gracious hospitality, we continually strive to exceed our customers expectations. “And, when you take care of your customers, they take care of you” says RDP Managing Director Mr. Rob Price.

“At RDP, our business is creating value for our guests, associates and most importantly, our owners. By executing a sound business plan we will continue to maintain our position as one of the nation’s leading hotel and resort management companies.”

RDP Resorts and Hotels are conveniently located in these areas:
· Brisbane
· Sunshine Coast
· Townsville
· Port Douglas
· Preston Beach W.A

RDP Resorts are an equal opportunity employer and strive to maintain a very high standard of professionalism. We invite you to explore the Corporate RDP Resorts site and learn more about the many opportunities that RDP Resorts and Hotels can offer.

Best Resort Hotels in the World

Vacation trips are not just about the destinations and places of interest to see. At the end of the day you will have to worry about your accommodations. You want to get a good night’s sleep and be ready for another tour the following day. And so we also make sure we are booked in the best hotel we can afford that will give us comfortable amenities.

The Beaver Creek Lodge is a luxurious hotel resort situated in the center of the Beaver Creek Village and at the foot of the Beaver Creek Mountain. It is situated about 120 miles away from Denver City and 130 miles away from the Denver International Airport. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from the Eagle County Regional Airport.

This luxurious accommodation features about 72 guest suites and lodge condominiums, heated outdoor swimming pool as well as a hot tub, complimentary Beaver Creek resort shuttle, spa service and a fitness center. The 72 well-appointed suites include either king or queen beddings with spacious and separate dining and living rooms. Each guestroom features luxury beddings with down comforters, pillows and fur throws, unique artwork and a mountain chic decoration comprised of studded leather headboards. Additional features include a 27 inch flat screen television, hairdryer, speakerphone, slippers, robes and high speed wireless Internet access.

Arizona Inn is also a wonderful luxury Tucson resort-hotel spread over 14 tranquil acres of lawn, flowers, fountains and gardens in the center of Mid-Town Tucson Arizona. This wonderful lodging is a 30 minute drive from the Old Tucson studios, 25 minutes drive from the Sabino Canyon and 10 minutes drive from the Reid Tucson Studios.

This Inn features about 95 individually decorated suites and rooms, a business center with a complimentary printer, high speed Internet access, large library and swimming pool. All guestrooms have refrigerators, large writing desks, coffee makers and DVD players, 27 inch colored television with cable as well as voice mails, blow dryers, high speed internet access and iron with ironing boards.

Grand Velas All Suites and Spa Resort is a resort-hotel as well as a member of leading hotels in the world. This resort-hotel is situated close to Downtown Puerto Vallarta and to 7 golf courses. This suites and spa resort facility features dry and laundry cleaning, a beauty parlor, a business center and a boutique as well as baby sitting services, spa treatment and services, certified scuba diving lessons car rentals, an art and ceramic workshop.

It also features 267 luxurious suites, imperial Spa Suites, presidential Suites, Ambassador Grand Imperial Suites, Parlor Suites and Master Suites. All suites feature a private terrace with fabulous oceanfront views, bathroom with a step-in shower and Jacuzzi, one king or two queen size beds, flat screen televisions, fully stocked mini bars and individual climate controls, dual line telephones, DVDs, CDs as well as MP3 players, coffee makers and high speed Internet access.

Hotel Le Crystal is situated close to the Bell Center and Underground Montreal. This fabulous resort-hotel is only a few kilometers away from the Old Montreal and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as well as 7 kilometers away from the Olympic Stadium and Montreal Biodome. It features conference centers, urban spas, saunas, state-of-the-art gym equipment life fitness centers, along with spacious reception rooms and indoor saltwater swimming pool.

It has about 131 well-appointed luxurious suites with silk pillow and silk-allergenic duvets. All suites feature daily newspapers, 27 to 32 inch LCD televisions, fully stocked mini bars and hairdryers as well as Molton Brown toiletries, multi-line phones with voice mail and high speed Internet access.

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Disneyland Resort Hotel Discounts: Find Discounts at the Disneyland Resort and Good Neighbor Hotels

When planning your trip to the Disneyland Resort in California, sometimes it makes sense to book your lodging separately. Oftentimes, you can find some good “room only discounts”, especially during the off- peak seasons. Here are some of the places to look for lodging discounts.

1. The Disneyland Resort website sometimes has specials for their three on-site resort hotels or for the Disneyland “Good Neighbor” hotels. (To get to the website, just Google Disneyland Resort). Depending on the time of year, there are often discounts available. These “room only” discounts can range from 15% to 30% off of one of their hotels. Other possible offers are “buy a certain number of nights lodging and the next one or maybe two nights are free”. Depending on Disneyland’s hotel occupancy forecasts, sometimes they’ll even extend these discounts to include dates during their peak seasons. The added advantage of staying in one of Disneyland’s Resort hotels or “Good Neighbor” hotels is that many are within a 5 to 10 minute walk to the theme parks, so you also save on theme park parking fees.

2. Senior discounts are usually available for ages 60 and over based on availability. Discounts can be as high as 30% off of a room at the Disneyland Resort or “Good Neighbor” hotel. Seniors may even be able to book up to two rooms at this discounted rate. A valid photo ID is required at hotel check-in. Call Disneyland Resort Reservations at 1-714-956-6425 for more information.

3. Triple A discounts are often available to their auto club members. You can look for these deals on their website or in person if you have a local office nearby. However, sometimes their discounts are geared more toward package vacation deals. You may get a better deal for “room only” discounts by calling Disneyland Resort Reservations directly at 1-714-956-6425 and asking for the Triple A discount. Be prepared to have your Triple A membership card available at booking and at hotel check-in.

4. Military discounts are usually available for current and retired members. A military ID will be required at check-in and the Military person booking the reservation is generally required to be staying in the room. There may be “block out” dates for these discounts. For current Disneyland “room only” Military discounts call Disneyland Resort Reservations at 1-714-956-6425 or contact a participating U.S. military base.

5. Disneyland Rewards Visa Card members are sometimes offered “room only” discounts for the Disneyland hotels. To obtain these discounts you will have to charge your lodging to your Disneyland Rewards Visa Card. Call 1-877-553-4763 to find out if there are any current Disney Visa discounts being offered. If you are not currently a Disney Rewards Visa Card holder, you may want to look at some of their membership benefits. They usually offer discounted theme park stroller rental and discounts on Disneyland Resort merchandise, as well as discounts on Disneyland tours. They also usually offer a daily, private Disney character “meet and greet” in Disneyland’s California Adventure Park.

6. Hotel Industry “room only” discounts are sometimes available to people who work for a U.S. or international hotel. To check on a possible discount call Disneyland Resort Reservations at 1-714-956-6425. Proof of current hotel employment will be required upon check-in.

7. California Resident discounts are oftentimes available. These discounts may only apply to certain California zip codes. Watch local California newspapers for offers. You can also call Disneyland Resort Reservations at 1-714-956-6425 to inquire about current offers.

8. ARES Travel is a reliable travel agency that specializes in Disneyland Resort lodging and tickets. Visit their website or contact them directly at 1-800-680-0977. Be sure to ask about their cancellation policy and fees before booking.

These are only a few of the many sources for discounted Disneyland hotel deals, but the sources listed above will give you a good place to start in looking for a Disneyland hotel offer that fits your individual needs and budget.

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Why SA tourists are choosing the Maldivian sunny side of life

South Africans are increasingly making their way to the white sandy beaches and blue waters of the Maldives with a 12.7% increase in the number of South Africans travelling to the Maldives over 2015. Although South Africa is still a small market in terms of Maldivian tourism, the Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) does view South Africa as a key market and is looking at expanding it. Mohamed Adam, deputy managing director of the MMPRC, told us more.
Mohamed Adam
Mohamed Adam
BizcommunityWhat are the main reasons for increased tourism between SA and the Maldives?

Mohamed Adam: We’ve always seen South African tourists travelling to Maldives, but it’s hard to pinpoint particular reasons for the rise in the number of South Africans coming to the Maldives in recent years. Of course, Maldives is a veritable heaven on earth – thanks to our unparalleled beauty, the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, our climate, between 23°C and 31°C all year round – this is an obvious drawcard.

South Africans do have a few unique advantages available to them when it comes to travelling to Maldives. For instance, being a former British protectorate, English is widely spoken in the Maldives. South Africans also don’t require a visa when visiting the island. Additionally, with the exchange rate between the rand and the Maldivian rufiyaa practically being 1:1, it can be a very cost-effective holiday destination for the price-sensitive traveller. Facilities cater for every pocket and preference, ranging from budget accommodation through guest houses – a fairly new concept in Maldivian tourism – to our famed elite luxury resorts. Ultimately, there are many reasons why South Africans are choosing “the sunny side of life.”

BizcommunityWhat are the MMPRC’s strategies in gaining access to the South African market? How will you be promoting the Maldives as an attractive tourist destination to South African travellers?

Adam: While we’ve previously explored increasing our footprint in the South African marketplace with presences at trade shows and tours around the country, this is the first time we’re truly making a concerted effort to explore what opportunities are available to us in South Africa. So far, this has taken the form of engaging a local PR agency and attending the World Travel Market Africa conference which was held in Cape Town a few weeks back, to meet with players in the South African travel industry.

BizcommunityWhat do the Maldives offer in terms of attractions, accommodation, etc?

Adam: Maldives is the sunny side of life, a tropical paradise of 1,192 scattered islands across the Indian Ocean in a double chain of 26 geographic atolls. The Maldives is world famous for luxurious resort hotels, as one of the leading and most exclusive holiday destinations if the world. For tourists who enjoy privacy, relaxation, the sea, beach, peace of mind and some time away from routine or a hectic life, the Maldives is a dream destination.

As Maldives is a chain of individual islands, travel by sea (speedboats, sea ferries, and seaplanes) is the main medium of transport.

Maldivian tourism is mainly based on Resort Hotels which are isolated islands that are entirely self-contained. Everything you’d need to enjoy your stay at the resort hotel – spas, gyms, water sports, diving clubs, different restaurants specialising in local and international cuisine – is entirely catered for on the island. Privacy is a huge factor for all guests residing in resorts, as only the hotel guests and staff actually stay on the resort islands. This explains why many celebrities often choose to visit the Maldives as well.

The Maldives is a highly sought-after location for honeymooners. The white sandy beaches, colourfully sunsets, warm, moonlit, starry nights and the remoteness of each and every island contributes to us being a top romantic getaway destination.

The Maldives is also one of the most appealing dive destinations in the world with its relaxed atmosphere, year-round warm water, its rich marine life teeming around the coral reefs where you will find schools of fish, mantas, rays, and dolphins. Resorts have snorkelling house reefs – reefs particularly for that resorts’ guests – and diving excursions.

Why SA tourists are choosing the Maldivian sunny side of life

For the seriously dedicated diver, you can structure your entire trip around diving with our special dive cruises that can be taken on liveaboards. Liveaboards are trips on fully-catered luxury yachts that take you around the islands visiting the most famous and beautiful dive sights in the Maldives.

BizcommunityWhat did you hope to achieve through your visit to the World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town?

Adam: We were hoping to forge connections with local players in the industry, like tour operators, with whom we could build strategic partnerships to introduce the Maldives as a destination. The ultimate goal of this was to, therefore, not only increase the number of South Africans travelling to the Maldives but to increase the general awareness of the Maldives as an attractive destination.

BizcommunityA prominent theme for WTM Africa was sustainable and responsible tourism. Tell us more about the Maldives’ efforts in this regard.

Adam: Tourism drives the Maldivian economy. Tourists come to our islands to witness our fabulous marine natural resources, showcased in our excellent diving, shallow lagoons, white sandy beaches and underwater coral gardens. However, these natural resources are extremely fragile and susceptible to adverse environmental events. As such, the Maldivian government has adopted a proactive approach to preserving our tropical island paradise. We are blessed with natural beauty and we are doing everything to protect and preserve this beauty for future generations.

For instance, each of our Resort Hotels is autonomous, generating its own power and water, and typically implements a kind of recycled energy programme. There are also protected marine and land zones where development is restricted and, in some cases, forbidden, thus curbing an expansive and overwhelming surge of tourism development.

Over a decade ago, our government also established a new marker for ecotourism in the Maldives: The President of Maldives Green Resort Award. This award is designed to recognise the importance of environmental protection to ensure the sustainability of the Maldives, and encourage local resorts to adopt green and sustainable policies in their operations and development. Pollution is also minimal at the resorts because only bicycles are used as transportation and no fuelled vehicles are used other than land buggies.

Something to be proud of

Perhaps because of the stories of what goes on in “Vegas, stays in Vegas”, companies are electing to have team meetings and conferences over weekends and inviting spouses along.
Comfortable and ideal for a weekend getaway.
Comfortable and ideal for a weekend getaway.
One such meeting was at the African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa, Century City, while we were staying there. Even the locally based participants were staying in the hotel for the weekend – along with their partners.

I eyeballed a group of them while we were waiting to use the Day Spa’s Rasul Chamber – a 45-minute treatment where a couple in the exclusive-use mosaic tiled chamber first rubs off the dead-layer of skin with abrasive exfoliators and then applies a warm, mineral-rich mud. All the while, “healing energy vibes” emanate from a large crystal. Moments before the end of the 45-minutes, “rain” falls from the ceiling to wash off the mud. The seats should have been warm and the chamber should have filled with steam much sooner than it did. I’m told to expect delayed warming again if you book the 9am slot. It was fun and surprisingly rejuvenating and I’d do it again – just later in the day.


Great for birdwatchers.
Great for birdwatchers.
As we were guests of the hotel, we were keyed in to some of the activities that conference goers experience like sushi making and a visit to Intaka Island. Both have remained highlights of our weekend.

I have new respect for well-made sushi as the time we spent just getting to grips with the rice, let alone the rolling, proved how difficult it is to get right. Up to 15 can learn the basic, basics at a time and for groups this can also be geared to teambuilding or skills development. At R150 a pop I think this is really reasonable especially as you get to eat what you make – salmon roses, nigiri, maki and California rolls.

Intaka Island is a revelation. Who thought we had a wheel-chair friendly, well organised bird-supported wetlands 10 minutes from the city centre?

Something to be proud of
We took the water taxi from outside African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa and enjoyed seeing Century City in a new perspective. The water taxi is R30 but that includes access to Intaka. If you arrive by car, which you can also do, you pay R10 to access the nature reserve. It is very well done. We had a guided tour (included in the price) and I flagged a number of spots suitable for a romantic picnic lunch.

Going the extra for the kids

I mentioned to the hotel’s Guest Relations that my brother and his young family were visiting us from London. I did have fears of having to re-cover the suite’s white leather furniture or replace the African masks in the suite’s entrance hall, or that the snazzy glass-topped tables might be shattered but when I returned to the suite the hotel had selected child-friendly DVDs and installed a Wii along with games which kept them placidly occupied.

Something to be proud of
I know many resort hotels have kid’s programmes but we wanted something to distract them while we were all together. It really worked well.

Almost every piece I write, nowadays, has me moaning about hotel room toilets that aren’t private. Why oh why oh why? Based on people I’ve chatted to, all prefer toilets that are completely enclosed. I do love, however, having three magazines in each of the suite’s two loos.

There are excellent specials at the moment that include a hotel stay and spa vouchers from R995 per person, sharing. Maybe consider a staycation for your next weekend away.